Elliotte Friedman Predicts Major Sign-And-Trade Deal for Cup Champion

Published June 18, 2023 at 7:12 PM
Elliotte Friedman has been a credible senior sports analyst for many years. Friedman recently discussed the possibility of a particular Golden Knights star who may find themselves with a new club come the 2023-2024 season.

Barbashev Sign-And-Trade Candidate

Just days after winning his 2nd Stanley Cup, Ivan Barbashev has been involved in Sign-and-trade talks. The 27 year-old had a strong post season in which he collected 18 points. Being a free agent with great value Vegas will be doing there best to secure some return for Barbashev.

On the latest episode of his 32 Thoughts: The Podcast Friedman discussed the likelihood that Barbashev would aim to be signed and quickly traded, as Vegas will look to get full value and secure as much return as possible in an underwhelming free agent market.

The Demand for Barbashev and Potential Contract

Barbashev will be in high demand this offseason, with his history of winning and his ability to create offensive production. With UFA's able to sign for no more than 7 years, it makes sense for Vegas to sell his rights at a strong price. With the NHL Entry Draft coming up in a matter of days teams will be keeping GM Kelly McCrimmon busy.

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Elliotte Friedman Predicts Major Sign-And-Trade Deal for Cup Champion

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