Ducharme Provides an update on Cole Caufield

Published October 1, 2021 at 3:12 PM
This morning, Ducharme confirmed that Cole Caufield is getting better and better and should be back on the ice very soon.

In fact, Caufield looks definitely on his way back, earlier then expected which is early next week.

There will be no delay, his shoulder is doing a lot better already. (Caufield was injured last Sunday and was due to miss about a week)

Cole Caufield should be there next Monday, the young sniper himself told his coach that he would already be on the ice and play tonight if it was his decision, but the 'team will not take this "risk".

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Ducharme Provides an update on Cole Caufield

Over or Under 25 goals for Caufield this season?

Over 2511249.6 %
Under 2511350 %
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