Carey Price wanted to leave the Habs last summer

Published October 10, 2021 at 10:28
In a recent article for the Toronto Sun, controversial journalist Steve Simmons implied that Price may want out of Montreal. Simmons did not quote Price himself, but rather said that hockey people he spoke to believed Price was hoping to be taken up in the expansion draft.

From Simmons:

'This may be completely unrelated to Carey Price's current personal situation, but more than one hockey person was convinced this summer that Price wanted to be chosen in the expansion draft by the Seattle Kraken but remained in Montreal instead ''

The "personal circumstance" Simmons is alluding to is Price's statement this week that he will leave the organisation for a short time to enter the NHLPA's player assistance programme. Angela Price has stated publicly that the choice is based on Carey Price's mental health.

Carey Price and the Canadiens both knew he could be drafted by the Kraken if left unprotected in the expansion draught. Price agreed to waive his trade protection in order to be drafted, indicating he was at least open to playing in a new market. That doesn't mean he wanted to leave Montreal.

Credit: HF
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