BREAKING: Star Goaltender Requests a Trade

Published June 3, 2023 at 11:50
Major news is coming out of Anaheim, as we've just now learned that Ducks star goaltender John Gibson has requested a trade out of California. The news comes after years of mediocrity in Anaheim, and it appears that Gibson has had enough.

Gibson is Done With The Ducks

Frank Seravalli has reported that star goaltender John Gibson has informed the Ducks that he would like to be moved. While we can't say we're surprised by the news, we're a bit shocked it took so long.

Gibson has played for Anaheim his entire career, and despite being lights out at the international level and consistently playing well despite being surrounded by poor teammates, has never gotten a real chance to succeed.

This certainly makes things more interesting this summer, and we're sure that the trade market for Gibson will be very active. The Ducks could really bring in a haul here, but whoever gets Gibson is sure to get a great goaltender.

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BREAKING: Star Goaltender Requests a Trade

Where would Gibson fit the best?

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Toronto26350.4 %
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