Are the Canadiens currently for sale?

Published October 21, 2021 at 9:59
In a recent article, Marco Normandin of HabsolumentFan wrote about the Montreal Canadiens being for sale. See below.

Réjean Tremblay confirmed that Geoff Molson is now unable to decide whether to extend Marc Bergevin's contract or not.

So the issue is from above. But how?

Host Martin Lemay may have nailed it. Lemay noted on his 91.9 Sports show Le Retour Des Sportifs that what the Habs have done recently is what a club owner would do to sell their franchise.

"I ask you a question: You can sign your rookie player for millions of dollars even if your team is for sale. But can you sign your 5-year manager for big cash if your team is for sale? That means that a new owner has to put his trusty man in charge. All decisions that are made, do the math. This is pure speculation but imagine the team is for sale, all the decisions that were made and those that were not made, correspond to a team that would be for sale. We didn't tie up the owner with incredible contracts, Shea Weber is leaving and we don't plan to bring him back which is a relief on the payroll, we didn't give a contract that would be heavy to carry to anyone, besides Suzuki but that's okay because he's a franchise player, Geoff Molson doesn't address the crowd, etc. So he doesn't have to tell us that his team is for sale but it would be damn good timing to kosher because his team is worth more than a billion dollars."

- Martin Lemay

Wow imagine the Canadiens sell! That would be crazy.
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