After Lehner's drugs controversy, a former NHLer talks about the insane amount of drugs given to him

Published October 4, 2021 at 8:05 PM
"Good for @RobinLehner standing up for the greater good," said Tom Sestito on his Twitter account. "I can only speak for myself, the amount of vitamin T (Toradol) and Ambien I was given is insane. As the NHL is getting a lot younger these kids should know what they are walking into."

"I was given a bottle of Toradol, I was a fringe player in the NHL after taking [them] I felt amazing. Not a pain in my body, you're taught to believe that the doctors have your best interest where that's not always the case. And no they don't explain all the drugs they provide."

"Also, there are great organizations in the NHL. [Pittsburgh Penguins'] team of doctors were the ones to get me off all that shit, and were dumbfounded as to why I had all of it to begin with."

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