A Key Detail That Could Make Trading Matt Murray More Complex has been Revealed

Published June 6, 2023 at 11:43
With Matt Murray being sidelined for a significant part of the regular season and the entire playoffs, Ilya Samsonov and Joseph Woll have seen more action than originally planned.

Some people even wonder if this tandem could be enough for the next season. If Brad Treliving decides to go that way, the most probable scenarios would be to buy him out or trade him.

Michael Distefano and former Leaf Peter Holland discussed these possibilities yesterday during the Leafs Lunch on TSN1050.

Trade Implications...and Complications

Considering Matt Murray's injury history and his $8M salary, if the Leafs decide to trade him, they'll have to sweeten the pot.

When they acquired him from Ottawa, the Sens included a third and a seventh-round pick and retained 25% of his salary.

If Treliving wants to trade Murray, a similar scenario is likely to happen. They'll either have to retain salary or add picks/players.

Buyout Implications

Distefano and Holland also revealed what a buyout would cost the Leafs.

Next season, they'd have to pay $687K, and there would be $2M in dead cap space the following year.

If the cap goes up by $2M in 2024, all the increase will be spent on Murray's dead contract.

There's also the possibility that Murray stays with the team. However, let's hope that Woll's ice time isn't reduced because of that. He's the future of the Leafs, and he should play as much as possible.

If trading or keeping him isn't a good option, it wouldn't be surprising to see Matt Murray's contract bought out by the team.

What do you think will happen to him?

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A Key Detail That Could Make Trading Matt Murray More Complex has been Revealed

What do you think will happen to Matt Murray?

He'll be traded15132.3 %
He'll be bought out24352 %
He'll stay in Toronto459.6 %
Other275.8 %
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