Edmonton catches another stray in Matthew Tkachuk's parade speech

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June 30, 2024  (4:48 PM)

Florida Panthers Matthew Tkachuk during Stanley Cup Parade
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After dealing with the heat of losing the important Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Edmonton Oilers caught another stray during Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk's parade speech.

All of Canada and much of the United States were disheartened when the Edmonton Oilers could not pull off the reverse sweep in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
Yet, few were more crestfallen than captain Connor McDavid, who could not bring himself to return to the ice for the Conn Smythe trophy amid the wave of Florida's boos and his team's sadness.
"We just chatted with an @EdmontonOilers player & he said I can share this story but I can't say who it came from, after the #Oilers lost The Stanley Cup & all the players got back to the room Connor McDavid got told he won the Conn Smythe. Connor was going to go back onto the ice to receive the trophy but once he saw how his teammates in the locker room he said i can't leave my teammates alone.

He knows it's a true honour to win the Conn Smythe Trophy but staying in the room with everyone was were his focus went to.

McDavid has been taking some heat for not going back to the ice but this is why, not like he needs an excuse or explanation.

Tough loss, talking to those that love this team a lot are still having some tough moments. You feel for the players & fans."

However, it appears that McDavid and his fellow Oilers were not out of the woods on Florida's brazen antagonization. The Panthers held their Stanley Cup victory parade in Fort Lauderdale, which brought far more party-goers than most expected. Unsurprisingly, Matthew Tkachuk took time during his speech to take another jab at Edmonton for their tough loss.
"Hey, I heard it's 70 degrees and sunny in Edmonton, but they ain't got no Cup!"

While some Edmonton fans are understandably upset by this statement, it ultimately remains part of the game. However, with Connor McDavid and his fellow Oilers reinvigorated as they get closer to training season, they could get the chance to pay the Florida Panthers back handily in the next few seasons.
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Matthew Tkachuk chirps the city of Edmonton during Stanley Cup parade
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Edmonton catches another stray in Matthew Tkachuk's parade speech

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