Insider Reveals Maple Leafs Plan With Newly Acquired Tyler Bertuzzi

Tyler Ball
September 5, 2023  (9:24 PM)

Tyler Bertuzzi signed a one-year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason. Many had expected him to sign a longer-term deal during free agency. Now an NHL insider revealed what the process was like and what the future may look like for the Leafs and Bertuzzi.

Bertuzzi Signs Short Term In Toronto


Many were surprised when the Toronto Maple Leafs were able to sign Tyler Bertuzzi on a one-year deal. Going into July 1st and free agency everyone expected him to get a big long-term extension. This obviously was not the case. NHL insider Chris Johnston joined the First Up show to discuss Bertuzzi's negotiations with the Leafs.
It was a strange free agency for Bertuzzi he was one of the top players on any of the lists you saw and the big contract doesn't manifest for him.

Johnston echoes the feelings of many who thought Bertuzzi would be in for a big contract. There seems to be no true cause for the lack of interest in Bertuzzi according to what sources have said.
Now Bertuzzi is happily signed and looking forward to making an impact in Toronto. Johnston mentions that this year will be interesting to see how Bertuzzi fits in Toronto which has been known to be a very difficult market to handle
Sure I mean I think they both get to see what the fit looks like for Bertuzzi he had some injury troubles in Detroit and then got traded to Boston last year at the deadline. So now it's another new team for him. we will have to see what it's like playing as a leaf some guys love it some do not.

If the first few months work out for both sides it could be time to look ahead to Bertuzzi's next contract.

What's Next For Bertuzzi?

With Bertuzzi only on a one year deal many have already been discussing a potential extension for Bertuzzi. Johnston commented on these rumblings as well.
From the Leafs' side, they have to gauge the fit and where the player is at.

Bertuzzi will have to go out once again on a new team and prove his worth. In 50 games last season split between the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins Bertuzzi amassed 30 points. This was a significant step back from his previous season where he had 62 points in 68 games. If Bertuzzi can get back to his numbers from two seasons ago a potential extension could be in the cards according to Johnston.
I think if the first couple months of the season go well that's something we will be talking about and looking for.

Bertuzzi will be one of the most fascinating players to watch over the next couple of months. He has such high potential to be a fantastic power forward for the Leafs. He also has the potential to be their biggest disappointment only time will tell.
Insider Reveals Maple Leafs Plan With Newly Acquired Tyler Bertuzzi

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