The goalie Ivan Fedotov was poisoned and we have a video of him in bad shape

July 3, 2022  (8:39)

Arrested in Russia for trying to escape his military service, Philadelphia Flyers goaltending prospect Ivan Fedotov was allegedly poisoned, according to his lawyer Alexei Ponomarev, who told Match TV.

«At this point, we can't say exactly how things are going. He was in the hospital, but for some reason he was not listed as a patient. Neither we nor his parents were allowed to see him," said Ponomarev. Recently, the military police entered the territory of the hospital. I introduced myself to them, said I was a lawyer and asked what problem they had come for. They turned around, got into the car and made no further comments until they entered the hospital grounds.»

Unfortunately, none of this is positive and it worries many NHL executives who have Russian players in this country.
Fedotov's lawyer added to that.
«Judging by the last contact with him, he is not feeling well. He says he was given some kind of injection, which he doesn't know about. He was told that it was prescribed by a doctor. He doesn't look very good. I can't compare it to yesterday's condition, but he looks like a typical patient," added Ponomarev.

"As far as I know, they are claiming that he is in serious condition to transfer him to some kind of military investigative body, while he is arguing as best he can that this is not necessary. Events are developing rapidly.

"Information about his presence there was concealed in every way possible, despite the fact that he had a phone and had informed his relatives of his location. The employees of the military police station were informed that a complaint had been filed with the court and that the decision had been suspended. The court has to decide the matter, but the conscription procedure was violated; it is strictly described in the law. »

Here is a video of him in the back of an ambulance.
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