Sign the petition to have Chris Lee fired

Published June 21, 2021 at 6:59 PM

The pitiful work of officials since the start of the series against the Vegas Golden Knights is frustrating. It's been worse for two games, when the duo of Chris Lee and Dan O'Rourke is automatically for these games. The result was dismal and Chris Lee did nothing to help his cause.

Indeed, the latter found himself in a perfect situation to calm down the ardor of the supporters present (or not) at the Bell Center on Sunday evening. Located right next to the action, he had a front row seat to observe Brayden McNabb's gratuitous and dangerous move on Nick Suzuki. Lee of course kept his hand in his pocket, even though he was tempted to lift it, and didn't punish the offender.

It did not take more to activate consternation on social networks. Messages of hatred, incomprehension and disarray flowed through the various media. Disgusted by the work of officials (especially Lee) following his inaction, a supporter even created a petition asking that the latter be fired by the NHL.

«We have noticed Chris Lee for the wrong reasons in the hockey world over the past few years. Whether for goals or dubious punishments. However, in the last two games between the Montreal Canadiens and the Vegas Golden Knights, we have seen time and time again the inability of Chris Lee to do his refereeing in the NHL. Whether it is for several questionable decisions, or for his ill-concealed favoritism, we, fans of the NHL, call for the immediate dismissal of Chris Lee. "

Even if it is almost certain that this petition will be useless, the gesture shows the impatience of the supporters of the CH vis-à-vis the NHL in this file. The ego of the leaders of this league is too disproportionate to affirm its wrongs ... When we know that Gary Bettman himself witnessed the fiasco of the third game live and that he authorized the dismissal of the same two officials in the match next, that says a lot ...

You can sign the petition Here si le coeur vous en dit!
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Sign the petition to have Chris Lee fired

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