Ovechkin says that him and Crosby text each other all the time

T. Tadi
December 10, 2021  (8:22 PM)

We can talk to each other," Ovechkin said. "We can text each other if we have some questions. It's pretty cool."

"It's been good to kind of get to the know the person," Crosby said. "Obviously, the competition is fierce on the ice, but, yeah, I think that part has definitely evolved."
They text each other one word conversations! Which is very odd.
"I wouldn't say anything specific," Crosby said. "But it could be a congratulatory text or just, 'What do you think about this?' or 'Did you see that?'"
Crosby said he is cheering for Ovechkin to break Wayne Gretzky's all-time record of 892 goals at the NHL Player Media Tour in September.
"I've played against him for 17 years and seen how consistent he's been and know how difficult it is coming in with expectations and all the pressure that comes along with being a first pick, and he's surpassed those expectations and done more," Crosby explained. "So to be in the situation he's in, to have a chance at it, for as much as he's put into it over the years, I think it would be great to see him to do it."
If their situations were reversed, Ovechkin said he'd root for Crosby.
"Of course, the first couple of years it was a rivalry," Ovechkin said. "I'm Russian. He's Canadian. There was a language barrier. But right now, we are grown-up men. We both appreciate what we've done for the League."
"I think it brings out the best in us, and I think he'd probably say the same thing," Crosby said. "It brings out the best in us individually and in our teams. I think everyone gets up for those games, and that's the fun part about playing in the League and being NHL players is having that kind of competition."
Credit: HockeyFeed
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