Oilers fans turn on McDavid after the shocking sweep

Published May 25, 2021 at 10:47

If you missed it last night, the Edmonton Oilers were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after being swept by the Winnipeg Jets in four games. The Oilers were in a tough spot going into Game 4 after their well-publicized Game 3 collapse, but they looked like a much better team last night, but they couldn't close the deal in overtime once again.

Kyle Connor of the Winnipeg Jets scored the game-winning goal in triple overtime, breaking the hearts of Oilers fans all over the world.

Take a look:

I know it sounds crazy, but a large contingency of Oilers fans took to social media last night in the wake of the Oilers' loss to condemn McDavid's lack of leadership, calling for an offseason trade.

Most of the comments came as a reply to this pithy Tweet:

Now, check out some of these replies:

I just... I don't get it...
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Oilers fans turn on McDavid after the shocking sweep

Will Mcdavid finish his contract in Edmonton?

Yes13139.9 %
No19760.1 %
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