Good News Leafs Nation

Published February 9, 2022 at 11:00 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs super star Auston Matthews says he's good to go and will be in the line up for Thursday night's game vs the Calgary Flames.

Matthews took a knee to the head vs the Hurricanes Monday night but the Toronto Maple Leafs confirm Matthews is ok to the delight of Leafs nation.

"When I got back to the room I was just a bit shaken up," Matthews explained about the scare, per the NHL's website. "It just happened so quick but fortunately I was able to calm down and everything checked out well so I was fortunate it was nothing serious.

"I just felt like I got hit in the side of the head pretty hard and wasn't expecting it so I was just a bit shaken up but I felt fine later that night and felt good the next day and throughout the day. Talking with the medical team there was no hesitation jumping into practice today and just be right there at it."

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