Golden Knights Reveal a Logo That's Got People Talking

Published August 25, 2021 at 10:43

Marc-Andre Fleury, a Quebec goaltender, has been the Vegas Golden Knights' top player and seller since their NHL debut. Fleury has always reciprocated by being accessible for off-ice events, but also by excelling on the ice.

Despite the organization's rage, the Quebecer has always smiled and remained a gentleman and comrade. The latest insult was Fleury learning about his trade to the Chicago Blackhawks via social media, not the organisation.

They made another problematic decision that impacts their former goaltender on Wednesday. Their new logo features a flower in the center ice. This move raises questions regarding Fleury's intentions, given his moniker (Flower).

We can only hope that this logo is not a smear against their former celebrity. They've done it again: made people speak about them...

Credit: HF
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