After Marc Andre Fleury's Game 3 loss, fans made a nasty update to his Wikipedia page

Published June 19, 2021 at 8:25 PM

There aren't many individuals who wake up on Saturday morning feeling worse than Las Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc Andre Fleury, and unfortunately for Fleury, one very cruel fan has decided to further twist the knife.

Looking at Fleury's Wikipedia page this morning, I spotted a not-so-subtle modification to his biography, one that pays respect to the game-ending blunder he made against the Montreal Canadiens in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoff semifinals. With less than two minutes remaining, Fleury, who had been excellent throughout the game, virtually choked the game away by giving Montreal Canadiens player Josh Anderson the easiest goal in his career.

It was a mistake that you simply cannot make in this type of high-pressure circumstance, and enraged Vegas fans have been rightfully pointing the finger of blame at Fleury for the loss. I believe the cheeky modification to his Wikipedia page was performed by one of these enraged supporters, rather than a fan of the Montreal Canadiens. The edit is still accessible on his page as of this writing, though I believe it will be removed soon, so in case it is, I've taken a quick screen shot of it and highlighted the pertinent section for you. You can see it in the image below:


The rather savage description in his biography reads simply "Most notably known for assisting Montreal Canadiens forward Josh Anderson in Game 3 of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs."
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