After 26 years of silence, Roy and Tremblay reunite and come together

Published May 28, 2021 at 10:12

This is the epic advertisement that reunited them:

The buzz was so intense that Roy and Tremblay were asked to sit together and meet with different medias to explain the riff and how they came back to speaking to one another for the shoot.

«First of all, I'm so proud to be here with Patrick today. After 25 years, it's nice to be back together again, I'm telling you right now,» Tremblay told TSN.

This is what Roy added in the same interview: «It was fun when we received the call from Uber Eats. I was a bit surprised as well, but I was excited at the opportunity to renew with Mario and kind of put that behind us, you know? It was a great opportunity and I can't thank Uber Eats enough for that opportunity, to have the chance to see Mario and talk with him.»

The two men also hope their reunion will inspire others who have not spoken to important people in their lives that forgiveness is the way.

Roy: «There's a message behind this. If we could touch people and help them to talk to family members or friends or sisters or brothers or motherswe're proving (to) the world that it's possible after years to be back and be able to reconnect. The pandemic is hard for everybody. I think it's important that people to reach out to people, touch people and help them to feel that it's possible to reconnect.»
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