A leaked memo reveals the Hawks' plans for their sex assault investigation

Published August 2, 2021 at 12:12

The Chicago Blackhawks appear to have big plans for the findings of a 2010 investigation into sexual assault allegations. An internal memo by Blackhawks CEO Danny Wirtz was leaked to The Athletic's Mark Lazerus.

Blackhawks CEO Danny Wirtz says in an internal memo that the team will "share results (of the Jenner & Block review) with our partners and fans" and "promptly implement changes to address the findings and shortcomings of our organisation."

Wirtz also says in the memo "I can assure you that we are using this process to reflect on our organisation and ensure a safe and inclusive workplace. And while we wait for the results, we will keep self-evaluating."

A former unnamed player is suing Chicago, claiming he was sexually assaulted by former video coach Brad Aldrich and threatened with violence and slander if he reported it. Concerning Chicago's role, the player claims it was brought to management's attention and promptly ignored.

After Alrich left the organisation, Chicago recommended him. After an incident involving a high school hockey player, he was charged with sex crimes in Michigan.

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