A Canadian team wants Claude Giroux from the Flyers.

Published February 7, 2022 at 5:11 PM

It looks like Philadelphia captain Claude Giroux's performance this weekend at the NHL's all star didn't go unnoticed. Giroux was named the MVP of the game for the Metropolitan Division.


Johnny Gaudreau and Claude Giroux never saw each other on the ice on Saturday, but Giroux should be one of the Calgary Flames' top NHL trade targets, Johnny Gaudreau was asked about Giroux's performance and Johnny Hockey gave a hint to Flames management saying, "Yeah he was outstanding this whole weekend he's such good player I'd love him on my team."


It seems that Johnny Gaudreau and Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving could be on the same page on Giroux. The Calgary Flames are believed to be interested in adding Giroux to the Flames for the playoffs.


"It was funny how guys just wanted to win. I've never seen Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov work so hard for faceoffs before. Even when I play against him in the regular season,» Giroux told ESPN. «It was kind of goofing around, but at the same time we wanted to win. Might as well. We're here, right? " Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Zach Werenski said about Claude Giroux who took over as team captain when Alex Ovechkin had to sit out with Covid-19.


Zach Werenski went on to say, "you could tell right from the beginning even before the game he mentioned to us we're here we might as well win it. " he told nhl.com about Claude Giroux. "We felt that from the beginning and I think that just carried over throughout the games Claude wanted to win this bad." said Werenski.

The Calgary Flames already look like a team built for the Stanley Cup playoffs and adding Claude Giroux would only make this team better and give Claude Giroux his best shot at the Stanley Cup.

The Calgary Flames have a lot to figure out as well. They've got the second-best points percentage in the Pacific Division mainly because of Gaudreau and the top line. They need some more support on the scoreboard and Giroux is having a hell of a year.

Giroux is a pending UFA at the end of the season so the Flames don't have much to lose and a lot to gain, and even if they don't resign him, he's a great addition for a rental and obviously still can contribute.

Giroux is chasing his first Stanley Cup and hasn't been to the finals since 2010. He will essentially determine his own future on the trade front, could the Calgary Flames give Claude Giroux his best shot at a Stanley Cup?

The ability to move Mikael Backlund to a third-line role would present more matchup options and Giroux would give them even more dynamism on the powerplay.

Credit:Calgary Hockey Now
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