New Information Comes To Light Regarding Matt Murray's Injury Situation

Tyler Ball
September 6, 2023  (4:50 PM)

Matt Murray was placed on Long-Term Injured Reserve by the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason.

Murray has had a slew of injuries while with the Leafs that have led to this.
Now one report gives a bit more information on the process that went down this summer.

Murray Placed On IR

As mentioned the Leafs put Matt Murray on Long-Term IR this summer.
He was in line to be the third goaltender on the depth chart heading into the season behind Ilya Samsonov and Joseph Woll.
Many thought he would be waived. Instead, he was placed on Long-Term IR.
On a recent episode of The Leaf Report journalist James Mirtle commented on what he believes went down this summer.
"The Leafs aren't saying anything about Murray and where he's atHis camp isn't saying anything as well. It reminds me a bit of the (Joffrey) Lupul situation," said Mirtle. "The guy goes away, they say he's hurt and they spend the $4.6M they gained from it and well see if Murray tries to make a comeback a year from now."

These comments sound like both Murray and the Maple Leafs are on the same page.
It also to some made it seem as though Murray isn't as hurt as the Leafs say he is and they are doing this to give themselves more cap space.

League Decides Not To Investigate The Maple Leafs

With the uncertainty over Murray actually being injured and the Maple Leafs desperate need for cap space many have wondered if the Leafs are fudging the truth about how hurt Murray is. According to Mirtle, the NHL has not had these same concerns.
I reached out and talked to the league and said 'are you looking at this?' and they basically said teams have to file medical documentation when someone goes on LTIR and there's really only an investigation if the league thinks there's something funny there. The last I heard the league wasn't doing any kind of investigation. The thing agents and teams have said over the years is that most guys that have been in the NHL 8-10 years the way Murray has and have had as many injuries as he has, is it's not that hard to find an injury to point to and say this guy shouldn't be playing.

Essentially the comments from Mirtle here confirm that the NHL is aware of the injuries that Murray has and they are in fact severe.
As Mirtle says Murray has gone through so many injuries to this point likely the aftereffects of at least one or two of them are still severe.
This update on Murray likely ends any speculation from the Toronto media about the Leafs being within the rules of Long Term Injured Reserve.
For now, Murray is out for the season. As the year goes on we will all have to wait to hear about the progress of his healing and the potential for a return in 2024.
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New Information Comes To Light Regarding Matt Murray's Injury Situation

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