New Development On Jake Muzzin

Published March 27, 2023 at 11:06

Although sidelined due to a broken neck, Jake Muzzin remains a key part of the Toronto Maple Leafs, both on and off the ice. The veteran defenseman's leadership and presence have been integral to the team's morale, with Muzzin continuing to travel with the team during away games despite not playing.

Teammates and Coach of Muzzin Praised Him

Mark Giordano, fellow defenseman, praises Muzzin's positive influence, describing him as "a good guy to have around the young guys." Morgan Rielly, another teammate, adds that Muzzin serves multiple roles for the team, including mentor, uncle, coach, and confidante. His close friendships and strong connections within the team make his presence on road trips and practice days significant for the players.

Head coach Sheldon Keefe recognizes Muzzin's importance, and unlike many coaches, does not see the injured player as a distraction.

Keefe holds out hope for Muzzin's return, acknowledging that while it may be a long shot, his consistent presence at the practice facility, games, and road trips demonstrates his character and dedication.

«Our players love having him around, enjoy his personality, his friendship and his leadership and his perspective on things. Now it's a different perspective, not being in uniform every day. Yet he still has connections to our team. He knows how we play and ultimately what the expectations are. He's got great bonds with our players, he's an integral piece of our leadership group and that won't change."

«We'll get everything we can out of him that way ... He wants to win as bad as anyone.»

Muzzin's teammates appreciate his friendship, leadership, and insight, and he remains a vital part of the leadership group. As the team moves forward, Muzzin's desire to win and contribute to the Maple Leafs' success will continue to play a crucial role in their journey.
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New Development On Jake Muzzin

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