Alex Ovechkin Makes A Bold Claim About Himself And Sidney Crosby

Tyler Ball
November 23, 2023  (8:08 PM)

In a recent story reflecting on the success of Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby Ovechkin made a bold claim about the duos' place in hockey history.

Ovechkin Speaks On His Place In Hockey History

Alex Ovechkin was part of a recent piece that took a look at the history of Alex Ovechkin together and their impending future.
In the story, Ovechkin was asked what he felt he and Crosby did for the NHL. His response paints a picture of where Ovechkin sees himself in the long history of the NHL.
We saved the league. Now they come in, and I guess we are old news. But we saved it. It's up to those guys to come in and prove me wrong that we are not the best. We saved the NHL.

While Ovechkin's claim is bold he is not likely wrong. The NHL when the duo arrived was coming out of a lockout. The NHL was seen as a second-rate sports league and at an all-time low in viewership.
Once Ovechkin and Crosby came in it provided the NHL with must-see talent every night. When the pair matched up, particularly in the playoffs it was an event that transcended the hardcore hockey community. They also built up two of the franchises that were struggling the most and turned them around on and off the ice.
These thoughts are not only shared by myself and Ovechkin but several NHL legends as well.

Hockey Legends Give Ovechkin And Crosby Major Praise

Several NHL players and coaches were interviewed for this piece. Two of the most prominent are Hockey Hall of Famers Brendan Shanahan and Luc Robitaille. Both were excellent players and have continued as executives in the Ovechkin-Crosby Era.
First up was Shanahan who was very complimentary of both players and a third element as well.
«It was Sidney, Alex — and Malkin — ripping everything up and remaking the league as their own.
«But as great as Malkin was and is, it was really about Sidney and Alex. And those early years, it felt as if you didn't miss when the Penguins and Capitals played, again because of Sidney and Alex.
«They were the show.»

Then Luc Robitaille echoed the comments of both Shanahan and Ovechkin.
«That's where Sid and Alex came in. It wasn't explicitly said, ‘Hey, you guys go save the league.' But, well, that was the hope. And it became obvious really fast they could.»

With such compliments from the elite of hockey history, Ovechkin's statement turns from a bold claim to a straight-up fact. Both Ovechkin and Crosby are nearing the end of their careers.
While we still have them both we need to appreciate all the history they have and will create for hockey fans all over.
Alex Ovechkin Makes A Bold Claim About Himself And Sidney Crosby

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