Tyler Bertuzzi's New Contract: Joe Sakic has ruined the Maple Leafs negotiations

Tyler Ball
June 25, 2024  (1:42 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bertuzzi speaking to the media after a game in the NHL.
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Today the Colorado Avalanche decided to re-sign forward Casey Mittelstadt and his new contract has put the future of Tyler Bertuzzi in Toronto in doubt.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a big offseason ahead with several upcoming free agents. One of the biggest names is Tyler Bertuzzi who was a fantastic depth scoring option for the Leafs. Today a contract extension signed by the Avalanche has made his future murky.
The Colorado Avalanche and Joe Sakic have decided to re-sign forward Casey Mittelstadt to a long-term contract this afternoon. He came to the Avalanche at the trade deadline in a deal with the Buffalo Sabres.
OFFICIAL TRADE: Casey Mittelstadt for Bowen Byram.


With his contract ending the Avalanche and Joe Sakic acted swiftly and brought back Casey Mittelstadt back on a 3-year 5.75 million dollar per year deal.
Casey Mittelstadt, signed 3x$5.75M by COL, is a playmaking two-way centre. Not particularly speedy or physical but plays a smart pass-first brand of hockey that should make him a long-term fit at 2C for the Avs. #GoAvsGo

Casey Mittelstadt's extension provides a comparable for the Tyler Bertuzzi contract talks now. Both players have had similar highs and lows in the NHL.

Casey Mittelstadt's extension might screw over the Toronto Maple Leafs

Both settle in around a half point per game but have had near-point-per-game peaks. With Tyler Bertuzzi signing after Casey Mittelstadt he will likely want a slight pay increase over $5.75 million. To this point, fans had expected a contract coming in at less than 5 million.
TOR will likely add one Top 6 winger in FA. When I look at the options, Tyler Bertuzzi's skillset still draws me in the most.

I'd love to see something along the lines of what Jordan Schmaltz said (3×4.75M) before July 1st.

Wouldn't lose sleep over 100% UFA turnover otherwise

With the small amount of salary cap space that the Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to have Tyler Bertuzzi might be a luxury the team cannot afford. With free agency less than a week away the Toronto Maple Leafs need to find their priority immediately. If they want Tyler Bertuzzi to be a part of their future they might need to overpay.
Source: Maple Leafs Daily
Tyler Bertuzzi is as good as gone, thanks to the Colorado Avalanche
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Tyler Bertuzzi's New Contract: Joe Sakic has ruined the Maple Leafs negotiations

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