Steven Stamkos to the Toronto Maple Leafs gaining steam

Tyler Ball
May 22, 2024  (11:41)

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos on the bench taking a moment after his team was eliminated from the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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Recent events involving several teams around the NHL have led to increased chatter that Steven Stamkos could be coming home to be a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Yesterday the first major move of the offseason was made between the Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning traded for veteran defenseman Ryan McDonagh sending draft picks back to the Nashville Predators.
This move to many has signaled the end of Steven Stamkos' time with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning have around 5 million dollars in salary cap space at the moment so unless Steven Stamkos takes a major discount things are not going to work out.
I don't want to rush to assumptions but assuming there's no salary retention on McDonaghs $6.75M cap hit, how are the Lightning going to re-sign Stamkos and still fill out the roster!?

This means that Steven Stamkos is likely to be a free agent. However, the Maple Leafs do not have the current salary cap space to sign him either. This is where the other team in yesterday's trade comes in. According to sources the trade made by the Nashville Predators was made to allow them to make a big acquisition this summer.
The Nashville Predators just moved out almost $7 million in cap space with this Ryan McDonagh trade.

Maybe making room for a Marner-type contract? #Preds

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been heavily rumored to want to move off of Mitch Marner this summer. If they can get a deal done with Nashville that all sides including Mitch Marner approve this would create a lot of salary cap space. Then the Toronto Maple Leafs could join the Steven Stamkos sweepstakes for a second time.
All of this hinges on the Toronto Maple Leafs being able to move Mitch Marner and the Tampa Bay Lightning not creating more salary cap space. This offseason is sure to be a wild one for all sides involved. Check back here to stay up to date on all the latest offseason news.
Source: Maple Leafs Daily - Steven Stamkos one step closer to potentially joining the Leafs
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Steven Stamkos to the Toronto Maple Leafs gaining steam

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