Mitchell Marner shows major disconnect from Maple Leafs fans

Graham Montgomery
June 14, 2024  (9:04 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner
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Mitch Marner's relationship with Leafs fans has been complicated for some time but now he's arguably in the worst position he's been in due to recent comments and his playoffs performance.

Many Leafs fans have been reminded about Marner's comments that he made towards the end of the regular season. He compared the Leafs players to gods, saying that the fans view them that way.
"Obviously we're looked upon as kind of gods here."

This is the sort of quote that belies the media training most hockey stars begin receiving long before they become professionals.

Needless to say, Leafs fans were not to thrilled about these particular comments from Marner. One fan responded by correctly pointing out that Marner should not need media training to know not to compare himself to a literal god.
If you need training to not call yourself a god then it's really not the PR teams fault

Add on the way Marner played in the playoffs this year and you have a situation where very few Leafs fans are happy with the player. Fans were particularly upset when the Leafs were eliminated in overtime of game seven against the Boston Bruins on a play where Marner did not appear to be giving his best effort.
If you can sit here and defend Mitch Marner for how he played tonight then you need a smack in the head. I'm so tired of people defending this garbage playoff player. Guy asks for Matthews' money when he shows this kind of effort? GET OFF MY TEAM

Team management may very well be nearing the end of their leash with Marner as well, as he has been in trade rumors since the team was eliminated from the playoffs. The latest team linked to Marner has been the Vegas Golden Knights.
With trade winds swirling around Mitch Marner, could Vegas pull off another blockbuster this summer??! 🎰

It certainly seems like the Marner chapter in Toronto could be coming to an end soon. Be sure to stay tuned to see how the final chapter concludes.
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Marner's Comments Show Disconnect with Maple Leafs Fans
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Mitchell Marner shows major disconnect from Maple Leafs fans

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