Maple Leafs Fan Ruins Proposal at Senators Game

Tyler Ball
February 26, 2024  (7:38 PM)

A proposal from an Ottawa Senators fan being interrupted by a Toronto Maple Leafs fan during a recent NHL game.
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During a recent Ottawa Senators game a whole moment turned awkward quickly due to the actions of a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Proposal Gone Wrong Ruined By Maple Leafs Fan

During the Ottawa Senators game against the Vegas Golden Knights a couple of nights ago an Ottawa Senators fan got up the courage to ask his significant other to marry him. The Senators' media team saw this going down and put it on the jumbotron. As the fan gets down on one knee a person in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey comes out of nowhere and kisses the girl being proposed to.
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The camera quickly cut away from the awkward encounter and the game went on as if nothing had happened. However, this situation exploded on social media with fan theories about what was really going on in this situation.

Fans Suggest The Senators Got Trolled By A Prank

In the next couple of hours, discourse began online discussing the awkward moment in the arena. The general fan theory is that this whole scenario was a prank made to go viral on social media.
Some "fans" just played the Sens I think lol. Proposal cam, and while the guy in a Sens uni was on one knee the guy beside them in a Leafs uni grabbed the girl and made out with her? Very strange and was quickly cut off to the next segment on the jumbotron.

It was so cringe to witness. Would've been funnier if the guys pretend to fight after instead of bro just standing there after his girl gets kissed

Despite all of the fan theories about it being a prank or real this has not been officially confirmed yet either way. So it then begs the question do you believe this was a prank or a real scenario?
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Maple Leafs Fan Ruins Proposal at Senators Game

Was the proposal real or a prank?

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