Luke Schenn Reveals Whether the Maple Leafs Can Win the Stanley Cup

Dawson Mckenzie
September 16, 2023  (4:58 PM)

Luke Schenn has one of the more interesting NHL careers out there, getting better as he ages, which is a rarity for the league.

The defenseman was drafted by the Leafs in 2008 with the 5th overall pick.
After a stint in Toronto, he struggled between 2015-16 to 2020-21, where he had difficulty getting a footing on a roster in the NHL.
However, after signing in Tampa in 2019, Schenn significantly improved his game, enough to earn him two Stanley Cups. He was later traded from Vancouver to Toronto at last year's deadline.

Schenn's Thoughts on the Leafs' Chances

In a recent interview, Schenn opened up about his time in Toronto, and whether he believes the Leafs have what it takes to win the cup.
"I think they've got a great culture [in Toronto] and I think that the guys that they're building around are only getting better and those experiences only help. You look at Tampa when they won. They lost out in the playoffs a bunch of times — in the finals, in the semifinals, in the first round — and eventually they got over the hump. You need the experience to eventually get there.

Schenn understands what it takes to win the Cup, as he has been there and done that twice in his career. He knows from being around the guys in Tampa what trials and tribulations a team has to go through before eventually achieving the ultimate goal.

Schenn on the Leafs' Roster

Schenn also discussed whether or not he believes the Leafs have the right guys in the locker room who can bring it home.
Auston Matthews is a total pro. Mitch Marner, I know he takes heat at times, but he puts up 100 points, plays at both ends. I'd put him on my team all day. He's an unbelievable guy. Morgan Rielly, he's a true No. 1 [defenseman]. You've got (William) Nylander. You've got John Tavares. He's a great captain and puts in the work; like, it's an unmatched sort of thing. So they got all the right pieces and they've got some good depth guys, too. It's obviously a tough market, but the guys in the room, they want it more or as much as anyone in the league. They obviously have a great group of guys there, and I was impressed with the culture that they've built there since my first go around."

This is important for the Leafs moving forward, as many have questioned whether or not the core-four have what it takes to get the job done in Toronto. Schenn knows the skill and determination it takes to win a Cup, and he sees that in the Leafs locker room.
As seen on Maple Leafs Daily:
Former Leaf talks about his time in Toronto and reveals how he feels about their chances of winning a Cup
Luke Schenn Reveals Whether the Maple Leafs Can Win the Stanley Cup

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