Leafs management hint at major changes coming in Toronto

Dave C.
May 5, 2024  (9:54 PM)

Sheldon Keefe and Brandan Shanhan
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The Toronto Maple Leafs have been bounced out of the first round once again in typical Leafs fashion with yet another game seven loss to the notorious Boston Bruins thanks to a David Pastrnak winner. This time, a loss like this is unacceptable, with changes more than likely to come which can explain why Leafs management have postponed their exit meetings to another date.

Tomorrow will be the Maple Leafs exit meetings before they head home for a long off-season, well for the players and coaching staff. Whereas management such as Brad Treliving and Brendan Shanahan will only be speaking later on this week, which can mean that they have changes that will be made that won't be ready in time for tomorrow, or, it can be just pure coinicidence.
The #leafs will hold an end-of-season availability for players and head coach Sheldon Keefe tomorrow, with management not due to speak until Thursday.

That's a significant departure from past protocol in these parts.

According to Chris Johnston, Leafs usually make everyone do their exit interviews on the same day, therefore behaviour like this is quite unusual, but this can mean that there will be changes to the Leafs brass.
Sheldon Keefe is probably entering his final days as head coach as he has been rumoured to be getting the kick any day now with his rumoured successor to be Craig Berube. Again, this is purely speculation but can make sense especially with Keefe being given numerous chances and he has been blowing them.
Keefe probably won't be the only odd man out, it is very possible one of the core four will be traded as well shall they get the right offer. Keep in mind they all have full NTC, which can limit a return the Leafs may be looking for. Mitch Marner would be the likely candidate out the door.
Exciting and nerve wherking times ahead in Leafs land as it seems to be a busy off-season ahead for Brad Treliving and company.
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Leafs management hint at major changes coming in Toronto

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