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Bruins Goalie Swayman Challenges Joseph Woll to a Fight

Published March 8, 2024 at 10:45

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost again to the Boston Bruins last night. However, the final score was not the most interesting thing to come from the game.

Woll Declines Fight Offer From Bruins Netminder

Early in the third period, a scrum broke out in the Leafs defensive zone. As it continued, Bruins netminder Jeremy Swayman skated to center ice. Eventially, he motioned to Leafs goalie Joseph Woll, offering to take him in a fight. However, the Leafs rookie decided to decline the offer, instead opting to stay in his crease.

Swayman wanted a goalie fight!

After the game, Swayman explained why he offered to fight Woll. He revealed that the two are actually good friends and that he admires the Leafs goalie's game. he did not seem to be too upset that the offer was declined.

«Probably didn't call for it. I don't know, I see all my guys go in it's a team effort, we all go in. He's my buddy, I respect the hell out of him and his game. It was just an opportunity, but nothing happened.»

Leafs Drop Key Game To Boston Bruins

Meanwhile, the final score did have an impact on the standings as the Leafs dropped their fourth contest to the Bruins this year. The team is o-2-2 against the Bruins this season as they succumbed to the season sweep with the loss last night. The team is now 9 points behind Boston in the standings with under 20 games to play. At this point it seems that they are destined for the 3rd spot in the Atlantic unless Boston goes cold at the end of the season.

Since this was their last chance to take the Bruins on head-to-head, making up those 9 points could prove to be very difficult at this point in the season. Be sure to stay tuned as the team attempts to improve their position heading into the playoffs.

As seen on Bruins goalie challenges Leafs goalie to fight as game ends In heated brawl
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Bruins Goalie Swayman Challenges Joseph Woll to a Fight

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