The Reason Behind Matthew Knies' Surprising Appearance At Prospect Camp Is Now Known

Julien Trekker
September 18, 2023  (9:31)

The Maple Leafs surprised many people when they decided to put Matthew Knies the first game of the rookie tournament.

Now, we know why the Leafs decided to put him in.

We Now Know Why Knies Played in Rookie Camp

Reporters discussed the topic on Leafs' Morning Take.
Here's what they said:
"I know these are prospects we're going to see some Maple Leafs prospects in action. Some of the names out there: Matthew Knies, Ronny Hervenin, Topi Niemela, Fraser Minten, Easton Cowan, and the first-round pick from this past season.

But the name that really stuck out for me, Rosie, was Matthew Knies. It's just bizarre to me. Like, he played three regular-season games last year. He plays in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, he ends up with a concussion, and now, what do we see? In development camp a couple of months ago, guys taking liberties, guys going for it.

My concern is that Matthew Knies goes to this, and people headhunt him because he's Matthew Knies, and he's one of the better players in this tournament. How do you view it? Should they have sent him? I think they do. I think it's a no-brainer. I mean, this kid's a young kid. What message does it send if you say, "Oh, you don't have to go. You're a young guy. You don't have a whole lot of games under your belt. Oh, you're special, you're the best. You don't have to go and do this type of thing." [...]

He's going to be probably the best player in the tournament. Think about the leadership position he's going to be in, and he's going to get to work on that. He's going to get to see what it's like in that pro setting, being a leader, being in that environment. And think about all the other prospects they get to play alongside Matthew Knies and say, "Wow, this guy's already got games under his belt. He steps right from college to the NHL. What does he do differently? What does he do that's special? How does he prepare for a game?"

And Matthew Knies now gets to go from summer hockey to prospects camp to training camp to exhibition to the regular season. It's just a beautiful stepping stone right into the NHL, and I think it's a no-brainer to put him there. I mean, don't work out in the summer because you could get hurt, you know? Don't do sprints; you could pull your hamstring. Like, you could do that all day long, and where's the line? And obviously, with the Leafs, the line is, you know, get them in camp, get them playing, and put them in that position. It's a positive thing for everybody, and of course, if he gets hurt or gets crushed or something like that, it's not a good look, but you just can't go about your business worrying about getting hurt all the time."


Knies: The Best Player in the Rookie Tournament?

Knies is definitely the top prospect in Toronto, and everyone is eager to see him on the ice again.
It's a risk putting him in the spotlight during these rookie games, where everyone wants to make a name for themselves. Knies is above most players, and some could try to hurt him.
But risks are a part of this business. It's alright to take risks. Young players need to develop, and playing games is the best way to learn. Knies may be the best in the tournament, but he became the best by training hard and playing games. If he stops, will he remain the best?
Do you think Knies will score 30 goals this season?
The Reason Behind Matthew Knies' Surprising Appearance At Prospect Camp Is Now Known

Do you think Knies will score 30 goals or more next season?

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