The Only William Nylander Trade That Will Secure the Stanley Cup for Toronto Maple Leafs

Julien Trekker
December 9, 2023  (2:14 PM)

As we enter December, the Toronto Maple Leafs are still in dire need of defensive reinforcements. Given General Manager Brad Treliving's previous association with the Calgary Flames, speculation is rife that he might leverage these connections to bolster the Leafs' roster.

According to Hockeybuzz, here's the latest on Nylander:
«The Leafs have been hesitant to listen to trade offers for their most consistent forward, however from what I am told the offers are «finally getting somewhere in the ballpark.» I keep hearing the Kings and Islanders as the two most actively pursuing Willie»

This proposed trade, though drastic, could significantly enhance Toronto's defense and boost their chances for a Stanley Cup victory this season. It also offers the Flames valuable assets for future team building.

Proposed Blockbuster Trade to Elevate Toronto Maple Leafs' Stanley Cup Hopes


Here's the scenario:
"Toronto Maple Leafs receive: Noah Hanifin (with 50% salary retained by Flames – $4.95M) & Chris Tanev (with 25% salary retained by Flames – $4.5M), Elias Lindholm ($4.85M)

Calgary Flames receive: William Nylander ($6.9M), TJ Brodie ($5M), Topi Niemela, a 2024 First Round Pick, and a 2026 First Round Pick"

This trade hinges on the Flames' willingness to trade Hanifin, Tanev, and Lindholm rather than risk losing them as unrestricted free agents without compensation. In return, they could secure Nylander, two first-round picks, and a promising prospect.

A Blockbuster Scenario That Could Change Everything for The Maple Leafs and the Flames


This proposed trade is audacious but could be mutually beneficial. The Flames would gain the opportunity to sign Nylander to a long-term contract, pairing him with Nazem Kadri and the underperforming Jonathan Huberdeau, who might find new synergy with Nylander.
The Flames would also gain Brodie, a reliable defenseman, Niemela, a promising prospect, and two valuable first-round picks.
For the Maple Leafs, while losing Nylander is a tough pill to swallow, the trade transforms their defense into a robust unit and adds significant depth to their scoring lineup.
To maximize the team's potential, Matthews should lead a line independently, creating depth and balance in the lineup. Lindholm, with his goal-scoring abilities, could lead the Leafs' third line, echoing Ryan O'Reilly's impact from last year.
Tanev would likely fit into the Maple Leafs' lineup as a reliable top-pairing defenseman, potentially partnering with Rielly in a role similar to what Ilya Lyubushkin or Luke Schenn have played in the past.
The question remains: would this offer be sufficient to acquire Hanifin, Tanev, and Lindholm? Additionally, is it prudent to trade Nylander, especially when there's an option to sign him for a longer term?
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The Only William Nylander Trade That Will Secure the Stanley Cup for Toronto Maple Leafs

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