TSN Insider Reveals Main Concern About The Maple Leafs

Julien Trekker
August 21, 2023  (11:41)

One of the biggest issue within the Maple Leafs has been revealed by an insider.


Leafs' Biggest Issue

Brad Treliving needs to do something about the Maple Leafs' blue line. It's not a secret, Toronto's actual defensive unit is simply not good enough.
Take a look at what was discussed in a recent episode of TSN's First Up:
«My main concern for the Maple Leafs is their defense. What exactly will it look like? If they believe that with the current defense they can advance through multiple rounds of the playoffs next year, they might be in for a shock. We all saw how they were outplayed by Florida, particularly in front of the net and during the cycle game. I'm skeptical about their current defense's ability to endure a seven-game series against powerhouses like Florida, Tampa, or even unexpected contenders like the Ottawa Senators.

Each year, as the playoffs begin, we're reminded that playoff hockey is a different beast from the regular season. A team might dominate during the regular season, but struggle in the playoffs when faced with an equally aggressive opponent. We've seen that with the Boston Bruins.

While many are focused on the offense, I believe the Maple Leafs' forward group is set. My main interest lies in the defensive aspect. Since Brad Treliving took over, he's spoken about rebuilding the blue line. However, if the only significant addition to that line is John Klingberg, I foresee issues. If people thought Morgan Rielly was defensively weak, Klingberg could amplify those concerns. Klingberg's offensive prowess is noteworthy, but his defensive game doesn't generate the same excitement.

I predict Klingberg might become the focal point of criticism for the Maple Leafs, similar to Justin Hall in the past. This seems like a probable scenario.

Regarding the rebuilding of the defense, Treliving's intentions might be clear, but action is needed. They can't possibly think of entering the postseason with a defense comprising Rielly, Brody, Klingberg, McCabe, Liljegren, and Giordano. Adjustments can still be made during the season or even right up to the trade deadline, and I anticipate changes will indeed be made."

Bolstering the Blue Line

Earlier today, we reported that the perfect trade target for Treliving had been announced.
If you missed it, see: Brad Treliving's Ideal Trade Target Revealed
Trading for that player would solve the issue of the blue line, and would allow Treliving to have more space to maneuver under the cap.
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TSN Insider Reveals Main Concern About The Maple Leafs

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