Rival Teams Trying to Steal Kyle Dubas from the Leafs

Published March 19, 2023 at 12:54

By allowing Kyle Dubas, the GM for the Toronto Maple Leafs, to enter this season on an expiring contract, the Leafs are sending the message that if Dubas does not get the results the organization is looking for, they will be looking for a new GM in the future.

This seems like a solid way to ensure peak performance, from a team that desperately wants to win. However, this could leave Dubas vulnerable to be taken by other teams in the future.

Rival teams might STEAL Dubas

Steve Simmons, a Toronto sports columnist, has revealed that there is a growing sentiment in the NHL that rival teams are in Dubas, if the Leafs do not extend his contract. Simmons stated that there are multiple teams interested in Dubas, he singled out the Pittsburgh Penguins as a team that is especially interested in Dubas.

One of those teams is thought to be the Pittsburgh Penguins, where general manager Ron Hextall is in difficulty and the status of club president Brian Burke is uncertain.

The Penguins were recently purchased by the Fenway Sports Group, this purchase has given the team deep pockets. Which would certainly give them the ability to offer Dubas a very good salary.

Another problem the Leafs face is that Dubas has certainly heard these rumours, and could use this knowledge for more bargaining power if the Leafs choose to extend his contract.

As seen on Hockeyfeed - Rival NHL teams targeting Kyle Dubas as their next GM.
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Rival Teams Trying to Steal Kyle Dubas from the Leafs

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