REPORT: Major Announcement Expected Today Regarding Kyle Dubas

Wade Messier
May 16, 2023  (8:43)

With the Maple Leafs now out of the playoffs, much of the focus has turned to head coach Sheldon Keefe and general manager Kyle Dubas. Dubas is in need of a new contract, and went the entire season without any talk of an extension.

Dubas Won't Work Anywhere Else

After building what many considered to be the best NHL team on paper this year, Kyle Dubas could potentially be leaving Toronto. With rumors swirling that Dubas might leave Toronto for another city, he's put all the talk to rest.
Multiple NHL insiders reported today that Dubas would either be returning to Toronto next season, or taking some time with his family to assess their future.
Dubas himself spoke on the topic, delving into just how hard his job can be on his family.
"It's been a taxing year on them and that's very important to me. My family is a hugely important partner in what I do. So, for me to commit without having a fuller understanding of what this year took on them is probably unfair of me to answer. I wish I can give you more but I haven't had those discussions yet, but it was a hard year on them."

"I definitely don't have it in me to go anywhere else. So it'll need to be here or it'll be taking time to recalibrate and reflect on the seasons here. You won't see me pop up elsewhere next week. I can't put them (my family) through that after this year." - Kyle Dubas

It should be noted that Chris Johnston reported news that Dubas and MLSE were finally opening talks on an extension, and a major announcement has been ruored from MLSE for the past few days.
"The MLSE board is finally willing to grant Dubas a contract extension after declining to do so last summer, but there's a desire to wrap things up quickly. We're talking as early as Tuesday or Wednesday, according to sources."

Could this contract extension be the big announcement?
As Seen on Hockey Feed - Rumor: Dubas contract extension expected to be announced today!
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REPORT: Major Announcement Expected Today Regarding Kyle Dubas

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