New Evidence Proves NHL Referees Are Colluding Against The Toronto Maple Leafs

Graham Montgomery
December 16, 2023  (9:49)

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Much has been said about NHL officiating over the years. One common trope is that the referees are reluctant to help the Maple Leafs in any way as they often seem to be the victim of missed calls. One new review of NHL statistics shows that fans might have a case.

Toronto Maple Leafs Get Fewer 5 on 3 Penalties Than Every Other NHL Team

If one takes a close look at the NHL's penalty data, they might notice an odd trend. The Toronto Maple Leafs have only gotten a single 5 on 3 powerplay in the last two seasons. While this year is not even close to being half-way through, this is still a shocking revelation as 5 on 3 power plays really are not that rare.
There have been 93 5 on 3 power plays this season. 28 teams have gotten at least one opportunity with the two-man advantage. Is it just a coincidence that the Leafs are one of four teams not to get the opportunity yet?
Perhaps, but the team also got just a single 5 on 3 advantage last season. Luckily, the Leafs are talented enough that they do not need the two-man advantage to score.
However, this does nothing to stop the long-held belief of many fans that the league is rigged against the Maple Leafs.
Meanwhile, fans of other fan bases, who often claim that the league is biased in favor of the Leafs, will have to address the fact that the team has consistently gotten no help from the officials when they are already on the man advantage.
It would seem as though that would be a very easy way for the refs to rig games in favor of the Leafs if that is what their real goal was.
As seen on NHL officials actively trying to screw the Leafs; the numbers back it up
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New Evidence Proves NHL Referees Are Colluding Against The Toronto Maple Leafs

Is this just pure chance, or are the refs actively colluding against the Leafs to prevent 5 on 3s?

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