Morgan Rielly Shares His True Thoughts on Maple Leafs' Top Prospect

James Connelly
August 20, 2023  (9:30)

Morgan Rielly has been around the Leafs top prospect recently and believes he can be a true difference-maker.

Rielly's Thoughts On Knies Revealed

In a recent interview, 13-year-old Jake's Takes on YouTube spoke to Morgan Reilly and asked him his thoughts on a couple of Leafs related things.
One of the most intriguing questions was what Rielly thought of the Maple Leafs' top prospect, Matthew Knies. Rielly's answer did not disappoint.
Jake: "Last question, Morgan. So, right before the playoffs last year, the Leafs added, what I think is going to be a huge piece in Matthew Knies. I was so impressed with this game. What do you think?"

Rielly: "Just ceilings like, because I think he can really develop to be like a star first-line player. He's going to be outstanding. I think he was in the gym with me this week, and he is just, he's young and he's, he's just moving weights around. That, he's so strong. And he's, he's a really great player, and he has that motivation and, I think that with our team and the guys that he plays with, you know, whoever that is, whether he's on the first line or the third or the fourth line, he has an opportunity to really thrive and, as his teammate, and I think other guys feel this, we want to make him feel comfortable, put him in a, you know, a position to be successful and, just kind of do his thing. He's going to be outstanding for us, and so we just want to help him and, but I don't, I don't know how much he needs that, because again I was in the gym with him and he's, he's throwing weights around that are pretty impressive."

This is high praise coming from a former 5th overall pick and a player who has watched others like Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner develop into stars. Leafs fans should only be excited about this

Knies' Potential


A player like Matthew Knies has the potential to become something special at the NHL level. At 6'3" 210lbs, Knies is a physical specimen on skates.
Drafted originally in the 2nd round of the 2021 draft, 57th overall, Knies has easily proved he is worth more than just a 2nd-round pick. Last season, he scored 42 points in 40 NCAA games while also finishing as a Hobey Baker finalist.
At the end of the NCAA season, most players have their college hockey seasons end there but not Knies. He then joined the Maple Leafs and played 10 games for the Leafs split between the regular season and the playoffs where he registered 5 points while still adjusting to the level of play.
If his constant progression is a sign of anything to come, we could certainly expect Knies to develop into that "star first-line player" that Rielly sees in him.
Watch the entire 17-minute Morgan Rielly interview here: Leafs star Rielly joins 13 year old Jake to talk some hockey!!!!
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Morgan Rielly Shares His True Thoughts on Maple Leafs' Top Prospect

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