Keefe Takes Shots at Stamkos and Officials Following Game Three

Wade Messier
April 23, 2023  (10:36)

Sheldon Keefe continued his stand-off with the NHL and their officials following the Maple Leafs game three victory. You'd think the controversial head coach would be happy after his team took the series lead, but Keefe has plenty of negative things to say.

Keefe Claims Stamkos «Manipulated» Refs


Much of the talk revolving last night's must-see match between Toronto and Tampa Bay was about the fight between superstars Austin Matthews and Steven Stamkos. Following a brutal scene which saw Brayden Point head off to the locker room, and full on scrum ensued.
Stamkos was clearly unhappy with the situation and pleaded his case to the refs, but when he realized it was a lost cause, he turned his efforts towards taking Matthews to the box with him.
Sheldon Keefe met with the media following the conclusion of the game, and didn't hold back with his comments on the event in question.
The fight itself, that's a classic example of a veteran championship team like Tampa Bay manipulating the officials and taking advantage of a situation, right?" said Keefe following Game 3. "I mean they know that we're basically already going on the power play because of the Kucherov situation so it's a free-for-all. They can do whatever they want and they just know that the way the games get called they're not going to get another penalty. I mean you watch that sequence back and say that we shouldn't get a 5-on-3. The officials literally holding Steven Stamkos with one arm and his other hand with no glove on is punching Auston Matthews. Not the linesman, the referee who calls the penalty was holding Stamkos while this was happening. Credit to Tampa for recognizing that situation, it's a free pass to do what you want. Not only do they get out of it unscathed, but they take Matthews and O'Reilly with them to the box. Brilliant play by the Lightning there.

Tell us how you really feel, Sheldon. Clearly the Leafs head coach was less than enthused with the treatment of his star players, and had no problem calling out those responsible.
One might wonder if Keefe will face a fine from the NHL for his comments regarding the officials, but as of this morning no announcement has been made.
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Keefe Takes Shots at Stamkos and Officials Following Game Three

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