Insider Reveals the Challenge of Signing Nylander is Linked to Connor McDavid

Published November 25, 2023 at 10:23

This NHL insider has revealed that the major challenge that the Toronto Maple Leafs are facing in signing William Nylander is surprisingly linked to Connor McDavid.

Insider Reveals The Leafs Are Hesitant To Sign William Nylander In Case McDavid Becomes Available

NHL Insider Eklund has just revealed major insight into why the Leafs may be hesitant to sign William Nylander for long term. While many believe that it is due to cap constraints in the short term, Eklund believes that the Leafs don't want to tie their hands in case Connor McDavid becomes available in a few years.

There is also no secret about the Toronto Maple Leafs desire to bring home Connor McDavid. A source told me this morning that part of the problem signing William Nylander long term is the possibility that McDavid becomes available. « Everyone would be in play,» the source continued,»but adding McDavid would be impossible if William Nylander where to exceed $10 million a year.»

This would be a massive development. It is hard to imagine Connor McDavid in any other jersey than an Oilers jersey. However, Toronto is his hometown, and with the current state of the Oilers, anything is possible really.

Could the Leafs Land McDavid When He Becomes A Free Agent?

There has been a lot of fan speculation (which is really just hope) that McDavid might want a return to the Leafs. Given the Leafs' cap situation, they would need to make some things work. William Nylander would either be gone after his short-term deal. John Tavares would need to be on a massive hometown discount.

Crazy the city of Toronto is about to have McDavid AND Shohei. City of Champions!

McDavid to Toronto tho we need it

As seen on Hockey Buzz - "RUMORS: On Draisaitl, McDavid and Nylander."
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Insider Reveals the Challenge of Signing Nylander is Linked to Connor McDavid

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