Frank Seravalli Drops Massive William Nylander Update

Dawson Mckenzie
September 19, 2023  (3:23 PM)

In a recent podcast, NHL insider Frank Seravalli gave a massive update to the William Nylander contract negotiation status.

Seravalli Discusses Nylander's Contract in Recent Podcast Episode

On a recent podcast, Frank Seravalli gave an important update on William Nylander and his camp's feelings towards remaining unsigned.
I think they're quite comfortable from the Nylander camp's perspective. Let's play this out, see what happens, and enter the season. Let's see if he can have another year like he did last year because if it's not going to be in Toronto, it's going to be somewhere else.

He's already a pretty wealthy guy, but he'll be hitting a significant payday. It's an exciting place to be if you're Nylander because you already have some career security. You've made enough money at this point that even if he didn't play another game next season and beyond, he'd be okay. That's important, and it also allows you to shoulder the risk of this season, which lacks that future security in your back pocket. You can see how things unfold and maybe put the Leafs in a spot where they can't afford to lose you.

Seravalli gives some important insight here into the urgency that Nylander's camp is feeling to get a deal done. From the sounds of it, they aren't worried about being unsigned this year, which is a departure from the previous narrative that they wanted a deal done. Which makes sense, since Nylander is holding a lot of the cards in this scenario.

Did the Leafs ever Consider Trading Nylander?

According to Seravalli, the answer to whether or not the Leafs shopped Nylander around this offseason is no. He explains why in the podcast.
I don't think so. Especially with one more season at his current deal, and we'll discuss the cap situation in a moment. When you look at where they're at, if you have a guy who's anywhere close to 40 goals and 90 points for under 7 million bucks a year, you've got to take full advantage of that. So, I think he's more valuable to the Leafs than he is on the trade market for this upcoming season.

Seravalli seems to fall under the camp that Nylander would be best seen as an "owned rental" this season, hopefully providing some insane levels of production for his contract value. It is true, there isn't a player in the NHL who is on as good of a contract as Nylander this year, so if the Leafs are all in for a run this season, its best to have that contract under their own roof.
Frank Seravalli Drops Massive William Nylander Update

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