Former NHL Analyst Proposes Monster William Nylander Trade

Published July 13, 2023 at 3:13 PM

You probably know by now about William Nylander's massive contract ask, which sits above $10 million a year. The Swedish winger has probably earned that deal when you compare his production to some of his fellow high-earning teammates, but it doesn't seem like Toronto wants to pay him.

Nylander to the Canes

Rachel Doerrie of The Hockey News went on the Staff & Graff podcast recently, where they discussed what Toronto could do with Nylander. Doerrie suggested that Carolina should swoop in and make a game-changing deal for Nylander.

"If William Nylander truly wants $10M, you have to trade him this summer, because you cannot pay him $10M. You simply cannot pay him $10M. You can pay him $9M, but you can't pay him $10M. If the trade is William Nylander for Brett Pesce and Martin Necas, I'm fine with that, like if that's what the trade is around, I don't think that's the entirety of the trade, but if the trade is built around that, that's okay." - Rachel Doerrie

Pesce has been made available for trade, most likely due to the Hurricanes' interest in defensemen Erik Karlsson, and Necas is a nice young middle-six forward who could slot in nicely on the Leafs' second line. If Carolina wanted to throw in a draft pick or two, we think Toronto might just take the deal.

Too Many Defensemen

The Maple Leafs already have eight NHL capable defensemen under contract, and that's not counting Jake Muzzin, who's on IR. Adding Pesce would make it nine, and there's simply not enough roster spots for all of these players. Toronto has a few different options should they pursue this trade.

The Leafs could flip Pesce to another deal, adding another prospect, draft pick, or forward in the process. If they decide that they like Pesce and would rather keep him at the expense of another player, they could trade a guy like T.J Brodie or Connor Timmins.

The Leafs have a lot of options here, but one thing is certain. They have no shortage of depth, which is never a bad thing. The Leafs should use this strength as leverage in a trade.

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Former NHL Analyst Proposes Monster William Nylander Trade

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