Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in front of Toronto Maple Leafs forwards Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Tavares, and William Nylander.
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Canadian Government Screws Over The Toronto Maple Leafs

Published January 7, 2024 at 10:49

A recent report has surfaced revealing that the Toronto Maple Leafs are getting screwed by the Canadian government and are at an inherent disadvantage because of it.

Canadian Government Screws The Leafs Over

Recently, a post has surfaced showing just how much the Toronto Maple Leafs get screwed over by the Canadian government. It is known that taxes in Toronto are among the highest in North America and when compared to other teams, it puts things into perspective.

Former NHLer Frank Corrado posted the following turning heads in the hockey community.

If Nylander does sign in Toronto for 11.5M, he will still net less money than Matthew Tkachuk at 9.5M in Florida

If Nylander does get $11.5M in Toronto, he would need to pay $6,114,271 in taxes, netting $5,385,729, whereas if he were to sign that contract in Florida, he would have to pay $4,215,332, netting $7,284,668. This is a difference of nearly $1.9M which is plenty noticeable. If you compound this over 8 years, Nylander would be losing out on over $15 million in taxes alone.

Unaccounted For Factors

While the high taxes would screw players out of millions in contract dollars, the sponsorships that come with playing for a Canadian team often outweigh the difference. Currently, Nylander has a few sponsorships and would likely lose a few if he started playing elsewhere.

These highly paid players also have the benefit of having accountants who can work some magic so that they pay as little in taxes as possible which likely brings the paper number down even further.

Hopefully Nylander extends with the Leafs and the taxes in Toronto are not enough of a deterrent for the Swedish superstar.
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Canadian Government Screws Over The Toronto Maple Leafs

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