Brad Treliving and the Toronto Maple Leafs Decide on John Klingberg's Replacement: A Defenseman Set to Shine This Season

Julien Trekker
November 22, 2023  (9:56)

Expert Shares Update on Klingberg After Mysterious Injury


In a recent report, experts talked about the situation surrounding John Klingberg in Toronto.
He started by giving an update on Klingberg:
"The situation is still a bit murky, and you saw a few times [rumors] about Klingberg potentially going to the LTIR.

At the start of the Sweden trip in Stockholm, he was telling the media that he was hoping he'd come back for the second game. And now it's looking like he might not be back anytime soon. Friedman did go on his podcast saying we will find out more about his future this week. We don't know what that means, whether that's a trade, whether that's the LTIR.

I think the consensus seems to be the long-term IR, but again, there's Zadorov and Chris Tanev. If we end up getting both of them, it's most likely the salaries match with Klingberg, but I don't know.

The situation is a mess and I just want to see it resolved whether that's a trade or whether that's long-term IR or whether it's the island for a while. Whatever it takes to make the Leafs better, they have to do. Unfortunately for John Klingberg, he's not what he used to be in his early Dallas days. It's just the fact of the matter. "

As you can see, no one really knows what's going to happen to Klingberg. It seems like he could be back on the ice next week, or retire.
Whatever happens, the Leafs must be prepared. They already have a candidate to replace him.

Leafs' Plan to Replace Klingberg: Timmins Ready for a Comeback


According to the same source, it looks like Connor Timmins will take Klingberg's spot when he comes back.
"Obviously, the plus side of this is Connor Timmins is going to be returning, hopefully very soon, and hopefully, he can provide some much-needed help to our team as well.

And I don't know, [Simon] Benoit's line was rolling. The team is rolling a little bit right now, so it's a little bit scary making any changes, but it was definitely well-needed.

I'm not saying Connor Timmins is John Klingberg of old, but he is a better option at this point, I think. So him coming back into the picture is not good news for John Klingberg, and if he is injured and can't play, then that's unfortunate as well.

Yeah, and at least with Timmins, you kind of know his ceiling is a lot higher at this point of his career, and he'll give some energy and hopefully some more help to that blue line."

You can see the full video here:

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Brad Treliving and the Toronto Maple Leafs Decide on John Klingberg's Replacement: A Defenseman Set to Shine This Season

Who do you think is better?

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