Sidney Crosby's name unexpectedly mixed up in an internet scam

Dawson Mckenzie
January 23, 2024  (10:46)

Sidney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL, involved in online scam
Photo credit: TSN

Social media is a wild place, and it seems like it is only getting more anarchic with scams. Now, Sidney Crosby has been mixed into one, and he may not even know about it.

Sidney Crosby mixed up in weird social media scam going around

Ever since it changed ownership, X.com (formerly Twitter) has undergone some big changes regarding what content it allows on the site. Where it is most noticeable is in the types of ads that are allowed to be promoted. A recent trend for ads on the site is to display a prominent figure with a flashy and false headline, linking people to some other scam.
Now, it seems Sidney Crosby has been tied into this trend. He can be seen in a post of this nature, with a false headline regarding something about his income. Take a look below.
This type of ad is downright weird, and it's likely that Crosby doesn't even know about it. It should almost be illegal to use his face and likeness for a promotion without his knowledge, especially for a crypto scam.

Crosby Having Incredible Year Despite Penguins Struggles

Crosby hasn't let his age or any other outside factors get to him this season, putting up pretty remarkable numbers. He currently has 48 points in 44 games played, with 27 of those being goals. It seems like he hasn't slowed down in the slightest.
"Sidney Crosby is still the best player in the world as far as I'm concerned..

He's 36 years old and he's still doing what he's been doing his entire career" ~

Despite Crosby's success, the Penguins are struggling in Kyle Dubas' first year as GM of the squad. We will see if Crosby can lead his team back into relevancy this year, or if it will be a write off for the veteran superstar.
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Sidney Crosby's name unexpectedly mixed up in an internet scam

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