The Best Prospect in the Penguins System Has Been Revealed

Dawson Mckenzie
September 3, 2023  (11:01)

The Penguins are riddled with veteran star players in the likes of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin and are set to make one final push for the Stanley Cup before they lose their guys to retirement. However, they do have some prospects in their pipeline, and recently it was revealed who the number 1 guy might be in the future.

Prospect Eligablility

With the draft over and prospect camps coming to a close, it was recently revealed who the potential number one prospect is in the Penguins lineup. The report includes only players under the age of 25, actual property of the Penguins (hold rights or has signed), and no more than 25 NHL games played in a single season.

Future Number 1 Centre

According to DK Pittsburgh Sports, the number 1 Penguins prospect is Centreman Brayden Yager. The 5 foot 11, 166-pound centreman played in the WHL last season and recorded 28 goals and 50 assists in 67 games. Yager was drafted by the Penguins this year with the 14th overall pick.

Yager was scouted because of his tremendous presence down the middle of the ice, which caught Kyle Dubas' eye. Dubas had the following to say about Yager at the draft.
"The way that he drove possession out of his own zone, the way he played the whole rink, skated through the middle of the rink, was able to make plays, able to be the defensive conscience of his line while also producing offensively. The scouting staff was very excited about him."

The Crosby comparatives are easy to make, however, we will see how the centreman pans out in his early years in the NHL. However, as Crosby has a few years left in the tank, it will be wholesome to see him potentially pass the torch to another elite Canadian centreman.

As seen on DK Pittsburgh Sports - "Ranking Penguins' top 10 prospects"