Penguins Reporter Makes an Insane Bet With Sidney Crosby

Published March 25, 2023 at 2:33 PM

Sidney Crosby is known for his insane skills on the ice. While the Penguins have not had the best season, they are currently in 5th place in the Metropolitan Division.

Rob Rossi makes an insane bet with Crosby

Tonight, the Penguins are facing off against the Capitals, who are 6th in the Metropolitan division, it should be an exciting game, Rob Rossi, a Penguins reporter, has added to the stakes of this game, if Crosby can successfully score a one-time backhander Rossi will donate to a charity of Crosby's choice.

I *may* have bet Sidney Crosby that he can't one-time a backhander to score in a game.

OK, I did.

If he does, I'll donate to charity of his choice.

He's gonna do it, isn't he?

Worth it. That would be something to see.

It is unclear how much money Rossi will donate or how long the bet will last, but it certainly adds a layer of excitement to watching the Penguins, and Crosby play.
March 25   |   95 answers
Penguins Reporter Makes an Insane Bet With Sidney Crosby

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