We Now Know Why Connor Hellebuyck Hasn't Been Traded Yet

Published September 3, 2023 at 2:01 PM
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Connor Hellebuyck's name has been mentioned in trade rumors all summer. Many expected him to be on his new team by this point. Thanks to a new report we may know why a potential trade is being delayed.

Winnipeg Wants To Compete

According to new reports by Sean Reynolds the Winnipeg Jets are delaying in trading Connor Hellebuyck because they still want to compete.

"I think Connor Hellebuyck would be a great fit with the New Jersey Devils, but the New Jersey Devils want to go for the cup this year. So what they want to do is take their prospect pool, one of the best in the NHL, and say 'we will give you this, and you give us this guy so we can be good right now and you can be good in the future.' The Winnipeg Jets do not want that. What they want is the New Jersey Devils' assets that make them really good right now... New Jersey is not going to do it if they subtract three really good forwards and another defenseman from the process." - Sean Reynolds

Trading Hellebuyck would likely signal a rebuild. The Jets currently do not have another goaltender in their organization up to par with Hellebuyck. As mentioned by Reynolds most teams trading for Connor Hellebuyck are also likely offering up future assets and not assets that allow the Jets to win now.

Retool In Winnipeg?

With these recent reports, it seems likely that the Jets are heading for more of a retool than a rebuild. Trading away Pierre-Luc Dubois was a blueprint for what this could look like. Young players such as Gabe Vilardi, Alex Iafallo, and Rasmus Kupari. All of these players are young but NHL ready assets.


Mark Scheifele also has reportedly asked for a trade this summer. With him the Jets could likely get back assets similar to the Dubois deal. However, with Hellebuyck the same won't be likely.

Any team trading for Hellebuyck likely does not have a young goaltender to give the Jets in return. Without getting a goalie in return the Jets would have to turn to Laurent Brossoit who has shown the ability to be a solid backup goalie but not starting caliber.

With only one year left on Connor Hellebuyck's contract, the Jets will have to make a decision on his future within the organization quickly.

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We Now Know Why Connor Hellebuyck Hasn't Been Traded Yet

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