Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Nears Massive Career Milestone: A Special Moment Ahead

Published November 14, 2023 at 12h40
Toronto Maple Leafs Captain is nearing a very big milestone in his NHL career, which he could reach in the next few games.

Tavares Nears 1000-point Career Milestone

John Tavares has had a storied NHL career, bookmarked by his decision to come home to Toronto to try and lead his hometown Leafs back into greatness. While he continues to work on that goal, he is inching closer to a huge personal milestone that many NHL players look to achieve. Tavares is just 9 points away from reaching the 1000-point club in the NHL.

I didn't realize it until now, but we have a very special milestone coming up very soon 👀


Tavares has had an incredible start to his 15th NHL season, scoring 6 goals and 10 assists for 16 points in just 15 games. At this rate, he should easily get to 1000 points in the coming weeks.

John Tavares has 16 pts in 15 games this seasons.
9 pts away from 1000 pts.

In 375 games (yes that many) with the Leafs:
161 Goals | 209 Assists = 370 pts

Tavares is 26th all time point leader for the Leafs.

Tavares Just Entered An Exclusive Points Club Breaking the Top 100 in Scoring

The year has already seen Tavares reach a personal milestone, reaching the top 100 in all-time NHL points scored. Tavares now sits just 1 point back of Phil Kessel and 4 behind Jason Spezza.

John Tavares on entering top 💯 in NHL scoring:

"I didn't know that ... Pretty awesome. I've done something right here over the last few years (smile)"

With 991 points, Leafs captain is now one back of Phil Kessel & four behind Jason Spezza

While the individual accolades are nice, Tavares likely doesn't care too much about them, and would rather bring Toronto back a Stanley Cup over personal milestones.
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Toronto Maple Leafs Captain Nears Massive Career Milestone: A Special Moment Ahead

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