Top Maple Leafs Defenseman may be on his way out of Toronto

Published September 30, 2023 at 4:33 PM
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One of the Toronto Maple Leafs' top defenders may be on his way out of Toronto after contract talks have stalled.

Brodie On His Way Out?

It is no secret that TJ Brodie and Brad Treliving have a history together as business partners. Before Brodie came to Toronto, he was in Calgary and provided his services for Treliving while he was the GM of the Flames.

In a recent interview with Luke Fox of Sportsnet, Brodie revealed his plans for his future in Toronto.

Did Treliving and Brodie have any discussions about a potential extension over the off-season?

"No," Brodie says. "It's one of those things where I'm just focused on day to day, and I'm not too worried about anything like that."

Would he like to remain a Maple Leaf beyond this season?

"Yeah, definitely," Brodie says. "But we'll see what happens."

A Bad Omen For What's To Come?

Brodie is currently 33 years old and has one year left on his contract. There is a world where the Leafs move on from him before next offseason as they are loaded on defense but he is a player better kept than moved at this moment.

It is likely that Treliving is looking to see how Brodie performs and whether he will be worth keeping around for the long run or not. It could also be a money issue with Treliving looking to ensure he can lock up Nylander this summer and Marner the next.

With those two contracts expiring soon, it is necessary to have every dollar available and that means not wasting it on older defensemen. Only time will tell what the Leafs do with Brodie but as of now, both parties will look to win a Stanley Cup.

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Top Maple Leafs Defenseman may be on his way out of Toronto

Will the Leafs resign Brodie or let him walk?

Resign him46730.7 %
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