Three Leafs Prospects May Be Traded Following Kyle Dubas' Dismissal

Published May 25, 2023 at 12h04
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One of the largest factors gone unnoticed in the midst of Kyle Dubas' firing was the job security of some of Toronto's youngsters. Whenever a new general manager takes over a team, they move out draft picks and signings that weren't their own, that they don't see as a part of their future. That could very well be the case for Toronto soon.

Nick Roberston

Since making his NHL debut at just 18 years of age, Nick Robertson's short career has been full of ups and downs. He's been injured a number of times, and his development has been less than ideal. While he still holds value as a potential NHLer, Robertson may have fallen out of favor with the Leafs' front office.

Robertson could still find success in the NHL, so Toronto might be wise to wait.

Topi Neimela

Once considered to be Toronto's top prospect, Niemela's development has slowed in the past year. The young Finn is one of the most exciting prospects Toronto owns on the blueline, but his NHL potential is lower than it once was. If he can't find a way to crack a stacked defensive core in Toronto at next season's training camp, the new GM could look to move on from Niemela and acquire an older, more NHL-ready player.

Niemela will likely become an NHL player, but Toronto's depth prevents him from earning a spot with the Leafs. He will likely be moved.

Artur Akhtyamov

This one might be more conflicting for the Leafs' management, who have a plethora of goalies in their system. While Akhtyamov has posted incredibly good stats in the Russian VHL and MHL, the security of guaranteed NHL goalies such as Joseph Woll may cause management to move Akhtyamov to another club in exchange for picks or players.

If a team were to acquire Akhtyamov for a cheap price, it could be a serious steal for them and a big mistake for Toronto.

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Three Leafs Prospects May Be Traded Following Kyle Dubas' Dismissal

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