The time P.K. Subban played in Sidney Crosby's head

Published September 22, 2022 at 9h53
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Arpon Basu and Marc-Antoine Godin of The Athletic published an article recently to mark P.K. Subban's retirement. In that article, there is a joke told by Hal Gill, who was Subban's partner in the 2010 playoffs.

In this joke, we can clearly see that going after the best player in the NHL was really not a problem for P.K., even as a rookie:

« I remember how high P.K. raised his game when Markov was injured. But he was talking trash to Sid from the beginning and I think I told him to let him sleep it off, don't provoke him but it's not really P.K.'s style to keep his mouth shut.

I remember telling Sid that the kid (Subban) is going to keep giving him a hard time so he better get used to it. I think that frustrated him even more. It takes a lot of courage to antagonize the best player in the world and that's what P.K. did. He was yelling things at him like, "I've been dreaming about this my whole life, Sid. I'm going to stop you from producing, you're done for tonight. This is the best day of my life, Sid. Look, I'm stopping you from producing." It's not how I would have done it personally, but it was great. » - Hal Gill

In that series, Sidney Crosby was limited to one goal and four assists in seven games, which is very good considering the player. The Habs won in seven games and then fell to the Philadelphia Flyers.
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The time P.K. Subban played in Sidney Crosby's head

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